Are you an Ireland Immigrants – Useful Facts and Tips to Relocate to Australia

Australia is one of the beautiful tourist destinations in the world. This resulted in about 20% of the total Australian population of Irish descent. Australia and Ireland share cultural ties, as they were two British colonies. Immigration to Australia is the right decision due to the consistently high educational standards and increasing job opportunities. Learn some helpful facts and tips to facilitate the transition to Australia.

Eligible visa programs in Australia

One of the attractive aspects of immigrating to Australia is the country-run skilled visa programs. Australia is a booming economy and in constant need of qualified professionals. This makes Australia one of the most popular transportation options for experienced professionals in various fields. Irish citizens are among the best immigrants who choose Australia to establish an attractive career.

What other factors prefer immigration?

Besides the crowded job market, many other factors boost Australia’s position as an excellent destination for resettlement. The country has always welcomed promising students through world-renowned higher education universities. The University of Melbourne, the Australian National University, the University of Queensland and the University of Sydney are just a few of the many well-known universities across the country.

Australian culture should sound friendly and familiar to Irish immigrants. This is not only due to the high Irish ratio but also to English as a medium of communication. The cost of real estate in Australia is lower than in many other countries. Another low cost of living is another factor that pushes migration rates to a higher level.

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Make the transfer process work.

First of all, you need to educate yourself about the different visa options available for Australian immigration and your eligibility. The next step is to find an immigration consultant in Ireland who can help you fill in all the forms required to apply for a visa. If you are permanently moving to Australia, you will need to contact an international transportation company that can help you ship your luggage safely.

You may have particular requirements to transport your car, pets and plants to the new location in Australia. Ensure that the international companies that you consider offering to provide facilities to meet these requirements. A right way is to compare quotes from different companies and get the most affordable deal.

Once in Australia, be sure to get information about the Irish embassy and consulate. The Irish embassy is located in Canberra, while the consulate offices are in Sydney and Victoria. You can also search for Irish Australians in your area through social media portals. All of these things should make it easier for you to settle into the ground below.