Truck Driver Jobs in Canada for 2023 as Labor Shortage Surge

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Truck Driver Jobs in Canada for 2023 as Labor Shortage Surges – Apply Now

Here are the latest Truck Driver Jobs in Canada for 2023. Apply now for any of the truck driver jobs in Canada before they’re gone.

Join the ranks of Canada’s best truck drivers! Canada is looking for professional, dependable, and safety-minded people to fill the open positions.

With competitive pay and a variety of routes, you’ll be able to see the beauty of Canada while making a good living. Plus, with our industry-leading training programme, you’ll be ready for success on the road.

Don’t pass up this chance to advance your career. Apply now for truck driver jobs in Canada for 2023.

Work Permits for Truck Drivers in Canada

Many people are interested in the truck driving jobs in Canada for 2023, especially those who have driven trucks before in the Gulf countries or who want to get paid to visit beautiful places in Canada. Due to a lack of good truck drivers who can go on long hauls, there are more truck driver jobs in Canada for 2023 that require a work permit (routes and journey). It is a known fact that the Canadian trucking industry, transportation services, and freight business need young, skilled foreign workers, trained drivers with experience driving trucks in Gulf countries, and long-haul drivers in order to move goods and people around smoothly and efficiently.

Advantages of Truck Driver Jobs in Canada for Foreigners

People think that truck drivers in Canada have a lot of opportunities and benefits, including a salary of $55,000 to $70,000 per year and other perks and social benefits. It’s important to know that long-haul drivers are preferred by Canadian employers. Long-haul truck drivers get a good salary and a lot of other benefits from their employers. For these reasons, skilled workers and immigrants would like to apply for truck driver jobs in Canada for foreigners.

Canadian truck drivers can set their own hours. Truck drivers sometimes go on trips that take several months or weeks. In this case, long-haul truck drivers can talk to their employers about the days and hours they work, as well as the number of days off they get each week.

One benefit of truck driving jobs in Canada for 2023 is getting to see new places. They can travel to Canadian towns, forests, beautiful places, and cities like Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, among other places. They also have a lot of chances to talk to people and social groups from different backgrounds.

After a candidate has worked as a truck driver for a while and learned some useful tricks, they can also become a team driver. Team drivers (or team leaders) also have the chance to manage a group of truck drivers.

These are Canada’s most recent Truck Driver Jobs. Now is the time to apply for any of Canada’s truck driver jobs.
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Heavy Truck Driver Positions Available to Foreign Nationals in Canada

Having a tiny population that is dispersed among the country’s major cities, Canada looks to immigrants to fill the shortfall of professional truck drivers. To meet the country’s economic expansion, the Canadian government has declared that it will hire more than a million new employees. Therefore, it will be an excellent opportunity for truck drivers who wish to immigrate to Canada from abroad.

The majority of truck drivers seeking employment in Canada begin working for a Canadian firm after completing the Temporary Foreign Worker Visa Program, which allows truck drivers to immigrate to Canada. To be considered, you must already have met or be in the process of meeting a number of prerequisites at the time of application. The Canadian business will then extend an offer, and you will be invited to apply for Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program. You must create a profile for the Canada Express Entry system if you wish to undergo an expedited (within six months) immigration procedure.

Truck Drivers’ Salaries in Canada in 2023

Truck drivers in Canada are paid well per hour by companies that have been designated as Canadian employers. According to data from Job Bank and Statistics Canada, the average hourly wage for truck drivers is $32 Canadian dollars. With the need for truck drivers growing in many Canadian provinces, especially in Atlantic Canada, experts hope that truck drivers will get good pay and other social and welfare benefits.

How Much Do Truck Drivers Make Per Hour?

Low Med. High Avg. hour wage
Canada 14 20.4 32 23.26
Alberta 18 26 39 26.83
British Columbia 15 24.95 35.14 23.27
Manitoba 13 20 29 21.74
New Brunswick 12.5 17.26 27 20.56
Newfoundland and Labrador 13.5 20 35 23.74
Nova Scotia 12.82 18 25.64 20.97
Ontario 13 20 29 22.73
Prince Edward Island 12 16.5 27 19.03
Québec 13.5 18.6 26.67 22.48
Saskatchewan 15.38 23.63 35 24.96