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Tips for immigrating to the United States and financing a work visa

Even if you are a small business, you don’t have to struggle to obtain a U.S. work visa. If you provide guarantees for employee visas, you need to make sure that you meet all requirements. By understanding what is expected of you as an employer, you can reduce your risk and maintain a good reputation in the US government. The following three tips can help you complete the process of sponsoring an employee to obtain a U.S. work visa.

Three tips for sponsoring a U.S. work visa

1. Research and determine the correct visa category.

Sponsoring someone for a U.S. work visa is not a whim. There are many different visa categories, and all categories have their own set of rules and regulations, you should pay attention to. Before you continue to sponsor, please understand what type of visa you need to apply for. How long is the validity period? Is full-time, temporary, or permanent work allowed? How much will it cost? How long will it take to process and when should you apply? What documents do you and your employees need to provide? Once you can answer all these questions and determine that you meet the requirements, you can proceed with the application.

2. Comply with labor and immigration laws when recruiting

As an employer, you are responsible for verifying whether an employee holding a U.S. work visa is eligible to work for you. As with hiring any other employee, you are responsible for complying with applicable immigration and employment laws. Employers are responsible for deliberately hiring illegal workers, so it is best to confirm the work authorization of any employee to protect your business. However, you should not become an expert in authorized documents. According to the law, as long as you “act in good faith” when checking these documents, you should be exempt from liability. The situation is the same whether the employee is a US citizen or a foreign-born worker.

3. Don’t forget the paperwork

As an employer, the government needs to provide a lot of paperwork for each employee. Like your U.S. citizen employees, you must complete Form I-9: Verification of Employment Eligibility for All Foreign Workers. Make sure to use the latest revised version, as the old version will not be accepted. To fill out the form, your prospective employee must provide you with certain qualifications and identification documents. You and your employee fill out and sign the form together to prove your employment authorization.