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Tips for Immigrants Applying Under the Quebec Skilled Workers Program

When applying for immigration through the Quebec Skilled Worker Program, most candidates must pass a personal interview. This interview process is to determine the applicant’s ability to adjust to life in Quebec. Adaptability points are an important part of the skilled worker’s plan. The Quebec immigration officer conducting the interview will verify the suitability of the following areas.

General knowledge of Quebec:

This includes information on the history, geography, culture, society, values ​​, and laws of Quebec. It is important to research all the information provided to applicants on these topics.

The degree to which the candidate plans to immigrate: This may include elements such as a good working knowledge of the labor market available in Quebec. Understanding how the applicant’s skill set fits into the workforce is also an important consideration. Applicants can be asked about their impressions of living expenses in Quebec and how they plan to budget for these expenses. The applicant can also be asked if there is an alternative plan in case their original living arrangement plan cannot be implemented.


Languages ​​will also be assessed during the interview: French is the primary language for applicants to the Quebec Skilled Worker Program, but English is also very important. You must present a certificate proving that you have passed the language test in French, English, or both issued by an external standardization agency. Therefore, the better your French language skills, the higher the score you will get in this section. It is important that once applicants reach the level of French knowledge that they work hard to maintain it. As with most abilities, if you don’t use them, you will lose them.

Another step in the interview process is to review all the documents submitted with the application. During the interview, you must provide all original documents used for the application, including documents related to education, job skills, or training, and proof that the applicant has conducted research on the Quebec and Quebec labor market. These may also include proof that the applicant has sufficient funds to settle and maintain her life in Quebec while looking for work.


A higher education certificate or license required to work in certain fields may also be required. Skills in engineering or medical-related fields may require applicants to apply for a license in Quebec and their home country. In some cases, it is possible to start applying for a permit before the application is officially accepted.