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Reach Your Full Potential with Tech Jobs in Canada

Writing exclusively about tech jobs in Canada in 2022 without also taking into account their overall impact on the broader economy can feel a little misleading. After all, the widespread adoption of digital workplace strategies now affects almost all industries, which means that in 2022, a large majority of jobs will be in the technology sector.

Digital strategies are essential to the overall success of projects across the Canadian economy, from banking, marketing, and finance to journalism, medicine, and education, and this trend will only intensify as we move into the 2020s. But what does this imply for recent immigrants hoping to fulfil their potential in Canada’s tech industry in the coming months and years?

There are a lot of opportunities for candidates, which should not be surprising given the size and scope of Canada’s tech sector. In Canada, there are many opportunities for people with tech backgrounds to significantly advance their careers. There is no reason why you can’t advance your career in the tech sector in Canada shortly after arriving. From UX designers in Montreal and cloud computing specialists in Ottawa to software developers in Kitchener-Waterloo, among many other positions, there are plenty of opportunities. Furthermore, while those are obviously options as well, you don’t necessarily have to live or work in downtown Vancouver or Toronto to succeed here in Canada.

Like many other aspects of newcomer life, your chances of finding a tech job in Canada that you can excel in increase the more prepared you are.

Why should tech experts select Canada?

This inquiry may seem a bit obvious if we ask it in 2022. After all, Canada’s tech sector is experiencing a boom that should last well into the next ten years. Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, and Ottawa were among the top 20 North American cities for technology markets in 2019.

Toronto, the largest city in Canada, came in third in the polls, but between 2013 and 2018, it added nearly 58,000 tech jobs on a net basis. Given that, let’s examine how this change came about and why thousands of tech professionals now choose to pursue their careers in Canada. The tech landscape in Canada hasn’t always been this appealing.

A new light has been shed on Canada as a potential location for both tech companies looking to relocate or expand their operations and individuals looking for the best tech opportunities in their chosen field thanks to Canada’s tolerant and inclusive immigration policies, including the well-known Global Talent Stream. And the statistics back this up. Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal frequently appear on lists of the best cities in North America and the world for tech innovation and hiring.

It was no accident that Canada has become a global tech leader in recent years. Canada has become a nation committed to fostering an environment where top-tier innovation and cutting-edge technology can flourish thanks to a comprehensive Innovation and Skills Plan that was launched in 2017. This plan made encouraging businesses to invest in cutting-edge technology sectors a central tenet, and so far, it appears to be successful.

The government established a new $1.26 billion Strategic Innovation Fund in July 2017 that is open to all industries and is intended to promote the growth, development, and commercialisation of goods and services, which inevitably includes ancillary and emerging technologies. However, according to IDC Canada’s 2018 estimate, the Canadian Internet of Things (also known as technology integrated into everyday objects in our lives) was worth more than CAD $6.5 billion. The sheer size of this figure illustrates how thoroughly modern technology and digital systems have permeated almost every aspect of our daily lives. It should not be surprising that there are many opportunities available given the upward trajectory of Canada’s tech sector, but where are these jobs located?

Where can I find tech jobs in Canada?

It can be difficult to narrow down just three tech hubs where a newcomer like you could find career fulfilment in a country the size of Canada and a sector as diverse and multifaceted as tech. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind that there are many other places across the country where you could find the tech job of your dreams, even though we concentrate on three of the most dynamic cities in Canada for all jobs tech-related.

Job openings for UX Designers in Montreal

Montreal, Quebec is quickly moving up the North American tech hub totem pole thanks to favourable tax incentives, an increase in the number of highly skilled tech graduates, and a reputation for expertise in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Between 2012 and 2018, the number of technical degrees awarded in Montreal increased by almost 30%, resulting in a rise in employment of 130,200 tech-related positions in the city, including managers of computer and information systems, database administrators, and software developers and programmers.

Heavy hitters in the visual effects and video game development fields, such as Atomic Fiction and Ubisoft, have their headquarters in Montreal. The median annual salary for UX designers in Montreal is approximately $55,000 CAD, which is slightly higher than the national median and has the potential to increase significantly over time.

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Jobs for Software Developers in Waterloo

A vibrant tech sector has been growing in Waterloo, Ontario, thanks to the influx of talent from around the world and the city’s close proximity to Toronto. The Waterloo region is home to both large and small businesses, and the Institute for Quantum Computing is located at the University of Waterloo, the eighth-largest university in Canada. Although Waterloo’s average pay for software developers is typically a little lower than Toronto’s, after accounting for affordability and living expenses, you might find that you have more money to spend than your friends down Route 97. As of 2019, the Ontario government’s Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program has started focusing on settling tech workers.

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Vancouver jobs for Cloud Architects

One of North America’s most prosperous tech sectors is located in Vancouver, British Columbia. This is true both of Canada and the rest of the continent. Over the past ten years, Vancouver’s tech community has undergone constant change. Fast-growing industries in the city include blockchain, health and life sciences, AR and VR, cleantech, and gaming. British Columbia has seen a 27 percent increase in the number of skilled tech workers over the last ten years. The B.C. government’s consistency in offering incentives to American tech firms for setting up shop in Canada and incorporating a tech pilot into its BC Provincial Nominee Program, with invitations sent out weekly to qualified tech workers, has been one of the main drivers of this growth.

With more than 150,000 workers, British Columbia has the fastest-growing tech workforce in the country. In general, Vancouver’s cloud architect salaries are comparable to those paid throughout Canada.

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