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Look at the 10 unique reasons why London seems so attractive to students planning to study in London

Why do people choose London for their further studies? What is so magical about this city that it tops almost every student list these days? A recent study showed an increase in the number of international students from various countries who choose UK colleges and universities.

Here are the top 10 reasons why students prefer to study in London

  1. London is a dynamic city with different cultures. You can have a lifetime experience to mingle with this diverse cultural environment.
  2.  There are more than 108 world-famous organizations in London like that automatically increase your chances of getting a respectable job.
  3.  The university or college that you join in London must have certain links with local companies and industries and thus will be able to obtain a decent job opportunity.
  4. As you can see above in the graph, students of almost all nationalities are visiting London for further studies. This gives you a golden opportunity to learn and understand the different cultures of the world.
  5. You can live here permanently after completing your course if you like and settle down in a beautiful suburb.
  6. One can apply to extend his visa after completing his studies for two years, that is, the work visa program after study.
  7. London has a large number of industries from various sectors such as information technology, sports, business, finance, entertainment, hospitality, etc., so the student can aspire to easily pursue his desired career line in London.
  8. As there is a large number of students in London increasing with each passing year, one can benefit from the various benefits and discounts available to them through London. You can get a discount on shopping, buying books, cars, dining, etc.
  9. London is a delight to visit. One can get many options for a tour of this historic city and devour places like the world-famous Big Ben clock tower, the London Bridge, the green garden, and of course the Buckingham Palace.
  10. Universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, the London School of Economics, the College of Technology in London, and many other well-known names are in or near London. The very good city transportation system helps you study anywhere you want.
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