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Jobs in the United Kingdom – Check out the top 5 highest paid jobs and average wages in the UK

The National Statistical Office released its UK temporary update for the average salary for 2019, which shows that the full-time average salary is 36,611 pounds and the average part-time salary is 12,495 pounds. Although the full results have not yet been updated (find the current full results table for the UK average salary here), UK wages seem to have increased by 3.6% to the full time over one year.

Their numbers are generated by PAYE (Pay As You Earn) reports analyzed the previous year, and show interesting results:

Full-time wages increased more than part-time wages for the first time since 2012
Those who held jobs saw their average wages increase by 5.2%. London remains the highest-paid site in the UK, followed by South East and Scotland

Despite Brexit and the 2020 Skills Gap looming UK salaries seem to be rising. What’s more, the occupations that are historically some of the lowest-paid (such as caring, leisure and service occupations) are growing at a faster rate than some of the highest-paid occupations (such as managerial and senior official roles)

Weekly earnings were up too, with the average weekly take-home pay in the UK for 2019 being £569 per week (up from £550 in the previous year).

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It’s no surprise that CEOs tend to earn the highest salary, taking home nearly £100,000 per year. But did you know about the others?

Top 5 Best Paying Jobs in 2020

  1. Chief Executives – £97,708
  2. Air Traffic Controllers – £94,431
  3. Marketing and Sales Directors – £80,411
  4. Aircraft Pilots and Flight Engineers – £78,570
  5. Legal Professionals – £74,701