Jobs Across Austria – How To Get A Job Where To Search And How To Apply

How to get a job

There are many ways to find out about job opportunities: newspapers, the Internet, agencies, friends, and relatives. Good use of the available channels will help you find a job quickly.

We strongly recommend that you use all available media to start your job search. By browsing classified ads in newspapers and the Internet, you will quickly get a good overview of the current situation in the labor market. If you have them, use any personal contacts to find opportunities and support your apps. In this section, we have collected the information necessary for you so that you do not miss any vacancies.

Austrian Employment Service (AMS)

AMS (Arbeitsmarktservice) is a government organization dedicated to helping the unemployed find jobs. The companies publish their job offers to AMS and receive lists of candidates for the interview. To use AMS services to get your resume and profile in its system, you must be officially registered as unemployed in Austria. If you are an EU citizen and already registered as unemployed in your country, you are entitled to use AMS services to find a job also in Austria.

Job search on the Internet

Internet job search is fast, easy, and cheap. There are many job sites and you can either browse all the jobs offered by categories or keep a profile of your qualifications and preferences and the system will then inform you of appropriate job offers. Almost all job sites for the Austrian market are only available in German! So make sure to polish your German in time or get a friend to help you browse the pages.

Classified Ads

This is a good way to find work – especially in Austria. You don’t even need to buy all the newspapers, just go to one of the traditional cafes in Vienna, and they have all the Austrian newspapers. Then, while you enjoy the typical Apfelstrudel (special apple pie), take some time to check out the classifieds sections of the most popular newspapers. You should search Der Standard, Die Presse, Kleine Zeitung, and Kurier. However, it is also advisable to look at newspaper websites, as many shows do not appear in print editions.

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Personal contacts

Last but not least, the most effective “tool” for finding a job. Personal relationships are as important in Austria as many places. Austrians trust friends and counselors, get a job because you know that someone in the company is not being viewed badly. So the first thing you should do is sit back and think about all your contacts in Austria – and how to contact them. Sure, the time you spend meeting up with old friends and then their friends while you search for a job is a good investment. Tell everyone that you are looking for a job and the type of job you want to do. The Austrians feel compelled to help their friends, and they will inform you if there is a job opportunity available.


Some agencies provide jobs for temporary workers. You get a job with the agency and they will “hire you” for companies that require temporary employees. This model works fairly well for lower-level jobs, for example, secretarial and building and cleaning jobs. For many people, this is a good starting point for getting a job quickly. If you do a good job, the company that originally “leased” may take you to a full position.