Impact of Coronavirus epidemic on the temporary visa in Australia

The Home Office (DHA) is making various changes to temporary visa holders due to the epidemic of the Coronavir virus to take care of the lives and health of Australians, maintain essential industries and help restore the virus. About 2.17 million people currently live in Australia on a temporary visa. All of these people were invited for a variety of reasons, such as reducing the skills shortage, studying, and visiting family and friends.

Applicants with a temporary visa are of great value to the Australian economy as well as to their way of life. Although the truth is that Australians find disruption due to the current Coronavirus crisis. Certain modifications will be applied to the main categories of temporary visa holders. He states the following:

Visit Visa

Approximately 203,000 international visitors are living in Australia with a visa of three months or less. International visitors should return home as soon as possible, especially without family support. Most applicants already do this and others must follow their steps.

Qualified temporary visa

There are approximately 139,000 qualified temporary visas that are either on a two- or four-year visa, including 491 visas. They received this visa to fill the skills shortage in Australia. These types of visa holders will be able to access up to $ 10,000 of their pension this year. Visa holders who have resigned due to the coronavirus must leave the country if they cannot find a new sponsor.

Australia held its last series of invitations on April 11, 2020, for subcategories 189 and 491 visas

Business vacation visa

Australia has around 118,000 people on business holiday visas. It is a visa that grants conditional employment rights. If working holiday visa holders do not have the confidence to support themselves over the next six months, they must make arrangements to leave the country.

Australia has about 185,000 temporary visa holders and about half of them hold a temporary graduate visa.