Immigration Eligibility Requirements for Skilled Workers in Australia – Independent Visa (Migrant) (Subclass 175)

Main qualifications for applicants

Basic eligibility criteria

To properly apply and obtain a General Qualification Immigration (GSM) permit, several basic eligibility requirements must be fulfilled.

Age – Qualifications: The applicant must be no more than 50 years old.

English Language Proficiency – Qualifications: They must demonstrate that they meet the English language threshold. This is a proficient level of English and is a score of at least 6 in each of the four parts of the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test system or any other language and score test.

Designated Qualification Profession – Qualifications: Applicants must obtain an assessment of skills favourable to their particular mission; Before submitting a request to achieve the said permit. They must designate a position in the Qualified Occupations List (SOL) in line with their experience and references. Although no score is provided, applicants still have to nominate a qualified profession and conduct a skills assessment by the appropriate review body.

Skills assessment – qualifications: Before applying for obtaining the given license, the candidate must get a positive skills assessment. This is an assessment of their requirements to ensure that they are appropriately qualified for their specific occupation.

Requirements for the last Australian study – Qualifications or recent qualifying work experience – Qualifications: Applicants must meet the needs of the previous Australian survey during the past six months or have recently qualified employment experience for a total period of “ at least one year in the past two years, before applying.

Location – Qualifications: Applicants can be inside the country when applying for subclass 175 permit even if they do not have a requirement of 8503 or 8535 or any other condition in their current license that prevents them from submitting another request to stay within the country.

Health – Qualifications: Applicants must meet the health requirements set by Citizenship and Immigration, Australia.

Character – Qualifications: Applicants and all secondary aspirants must have clean records without a criminal history.

Australian Values ​​Statement – Qualifications: If applicants are 18 years of age or older, they must show the Australian Values ​​Statement, even if this is covered in the visa application form. All aspirants – 18 years and over – will need the same ink to ensure that they will respect the Australian way of life and also comply with the laws of the earth. Before writing the said statement, applicants must have read, or indicated, the materials provided by the administration on the general way of life in the country.

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Point test

In addition to meeting the basic eligibility requirements, applicants must achieve a score of passing the qualifying immigration score test, even though 65 points are the degree of passing the test for that visa. Those who claim less than 65 points will reject their request.

Secondary qualifications

The candidate must mention these secondary candidates in his visa application, specifically the husband or child dependent for his wife or a dependent family member for his wife.

All secondary aspirants must meet these criteria:

Location: Applicants may be in Australia at the time they apply for subclass 175 visas until and unless they have a requirement of 8503, 8535 or some other requirement in their current permit which prevents them from submitting additional requests to remain within the country.

English Proficiency: All secondary school applicants aged 18 or over who lack working English are expected to pay the second instalment visa application fee, although these fees will give them training for English in the kangaroo land to enable them From gaining practical skills in a specific language. Functional English is satisfactory English to deal with everyday situations and specific working conditions.

Health: Visa applicants and all secondary applicants must undergo a comprehensive medical examination by the competent authority.

Personality: To enter the country, applicants must have their files.

Australian Values ​​Statement: All aspirants, aged 18 years or over, must sign the Australian Values ​​Statement even if the statement above is included in the visa application form, and all applicants aged 18 years or over will be required to paste their signature.