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Immigrate to Basel, Switzerland and discover some hidden facts about Switzerland

Basel is the third most populous city in Switzerland. It is located in that part of Switzerland, where it meets the borders of Germany and France. Basel is the second-largest urban area in Switzerland. Being located north-west of the Rhine, it is a major industrial center for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

The region of Basel, which extends culturally in Germany and France, shows the cultural heritage of the three countries. Basel is one of the most important cultural centers in Switzerland. The city includes a large number of theaters and numerous museums, including the Museum of Fine Arts, where the oldest art collection in the world is accessible to the public. The Basel Theater was chosen in 1999 as the best stage for performances in German.


Due to the existence of the A-grade transport infrastructure, Basel is Switzerland’s leading logistics center. The exceptional location benefits logistics companies, which operate worldwide from here.


Basel is the only freight port in Switzerland through which goods are transported on the navigable stretches of the Rhine and which connect more with ships heading towards the ocean to reach the port of Rotterdam.


Euro Airport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg is operated and governed jointly by two countries, France and Switzerland. This airport, contrary to popular belief, is entirely located on French soil. The airport is divided into two sections, whose architecture is different from each other. One half serving the French side and the other half serving the Swiss team, there was a customs point in the middle of the airport so that people could “migrate” to the other side of the airport.


Basel has a long history of its rail hub. Three stations, each belonging to the France, Germany, and Switzerland networks, converge on the same complex, which is separated by customs and immigration offices. The new ICE high-speed rail line from Karlsruhe to Basel was commissioned and the TGV Est and reduced the journey time from Basel to Paris to three and a half hours.