Immigrate to Australia – The reason Why should you consider moving from Scotland to Australia?

Amid the ruin and darkness of the British economy, the question of Scotland’s independence, it appears that more and more people are now heading to countries like Australia for the sake of their future homeland. There has been a long love affair between Scotland and Australia and despite the economic climate and the financial difficulties many face in Scotland, there is still a great demand for Australia as a new home.


While many people will mention the completely different climate between Australia and Scotland, in many ways we have an impression of Australia that is not always correct. While we read hot weather, bush fires, barbecues and parties all day long in newspapers, the situation is not always simple and straightforward on the ground.

In recent years we have seen a major change in the Australian climate which now includes more storms than ever, and stronger winds than ever, although when you retreat and see it, it is generally much hotter than Scotland. Thus, the climate looks zero for Australia!


Scotland’s economy for many years depended on shipbuilding and the handiest aspect of the historic British economy. Although this has changed dramatically in the past twenty years, with the introduction of the service industry and new technologies, many parts of Scotland are struggling to survive financially. As a percentage of the population, there are more Scottish unemployed workers and more Scottish workers claiming that the government receives some form of work allowance for many years in manual labour.

The short and medium-term outlook for the British economy, and hence the Scottish economy, is not excellent when one considers the ever-increasing British debt and the problematic British budget. Compare that to Australia, which has never been in a recession since the 2008 US mortgage crisis and built very strong ties with China and India. Many expect the Australian economy to continue to grow in the foreseeable future, which is another benefit for the country.

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Jobs in Australia may not be as easy as before, but there is no doubt that if you have rare skills, the government and employers are more willing to help you with your move. Unions have been complaining for some time that foreign workers are replacing Australian domestic workers, but in reality, many skills imported from countries like Scotland are not readily available in Australia.

Unemployment in Australia is almost at a record level, the economic outlook is bright and despite changes in the visa regime, if you have rare skills, there is no reason to believe you will not be welcomed with a wide chest. Compare that to the situation in Scotland and we can begin to find out why many Scottish expatriates are attracted to the prospect of moving to Australia.


There has always been a love story between Australia and Scotland, and in fact, very different economic offers recently have reinforced this narration. The short and medium-term outlooks for the UK, and hence Scotland are quite different from those in Australia and it’s not surprising to see that more and more Scottish residents are considering moving to Australia.