Are you dreaming about working in the charming land of France? As a Bangladeshi citizen, acquiring a France work permit visa is your first step.

France’s work permit visa for Bangladeshi is an achievable dream with the proper knowledge.


Let’s break down how to secure one.

Understanding the France Work Permit Visa

A France work permit visa empowers a non-native, like a Bangladeshi citizen, to work in France within a specified period and for a defined employer.

It’s the responsibility of the employer, whether located in France or overseas, to apply for a work permit visa on behalf of the prospective employee.

Exploring Various Work Permits

France offers several work permit visas tailored to your stay and job type. Popular ones include:

  • Temporary Work Permit Visa: This visa permits you to work in France for a specific project for up to 12 months. Requirements include a job contract with a French employer or a foreign company with a French branch, a valid passport, health insurance, and sufficient finances.
  • Long-stay Work Permit Visa: Suitable for jobs exceeding 12 months with a specific French employer. Apart from the requirements of a temporary visa, proof of accommodation and a residence permit application within two months of reaching France is required.
  • Talent Passport Visa: This is for highly skilled professionals with an innovative project or established reputation in their field. This visa lasts up to four years and can be renewed.
  • EU Blue Card Visa: This visa targets highly qualified workers possessing a university degree or five years of professional experience. It lasts for three years and can be renewed.

France Work Permit Application Process

The application process for Bangladeshi residents involves several steps:

  • Secure an employer in France willing to sponsor your visa application.
  • Ensure your job offer gets posted on public employment agencies for three weeks before applying, if necessary.
  • Complete the online application for a work permit visa on the designated portal.
  • Await confirmation of your submitted application. Processing time varies.
  • Once issued, print your work permit visa emailed to you for your visa or residence permit application.
  • Apply for the relevant visa and/or residence permit at the French Embassy or Consulate in Bangladesh.
  • Collect your passport with the visa sticker from the French Embassy or Consulate. Verify your visa’s validity and correctness.
  • Travel to France and begin working. Remember to apply for a residence permit within two months if you have a long-stay work permit visa.

Expectations After Receiving a France Work Permit Visa

A France work permit visa for Bangladeshi residents allows you to enjoy living and working in France. However, you should be familiar with your rights and responsibilities:

  • You can only work for the employer, and job indicated on your work permit visa. Changing jobs or employers requires a new work permit visa application.
  • Your work permit visa lets you travel within the Schengen area for up to 90 days in any 180 days. For travels outside, check the visa requirements of the destination country.
  • If you have a long-stay work permit visa, your spouse and dependent children can accompany you. They’ll need to apply for their visas and residence permits.
  • After registering with relevant authorities and paying the required contributions, you’ll have access to the French social security system, including health care, unemployment insurance, family allowances, etc.
  • You can apply for French citizenship after living in France for five years, subject to eligibility criteria. However, dual citizenship isn’t permitted, so you’ll need to renounce your Bangladeshi citizenship.

Wrapping Up…

Acquiring a France work permit visa for Bangladeshi nationals is a significant opportunity to explore career and personal goals in a vibrant European country. 

Despite its complexity and required documentation, an early start and professional advice can make the process smoother. 


Hopefully, this guide proves valuable in your journey to apply for a France work permit visa for Bangladeshi citizens. Bonne chance!


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