Examine the essential means of immigrating to Spain from the United States

There are many reasons why you would like to immigrate to Spain from the United States of America. Europe, with its history and charm, has several attractive destinations, however, among all these sites, Spain is particularly attractive to citizens of the United States of America who dream of moving to Europe, for work or after retirement.

Immigration to Spain from the USA is a process that can be simplified with the help of our agents. We review every immigrant application, paying attention to the specifics and needs of applicants.

If you are planning to move from the USA to Spain, our immigration attorneys are at your disposal with information about all your options and requirements to meet the necessary standards.

The main types of Spanish visas for American immigrants

American citizens who wish to immigrate to Spain have many visas that they can apply for. Among these most common options are:

  • Work visa that enables citizens from outside the European Union to find work in Spain;
  • An investor and entrepreneur visa is a good option for American investors looking for permanent residence here;
  • The unprofitable visa that enables an American citizen to move to Spain without giving them the right to work here;
  • The student visa under which he arrived upon arrival in Spain, the American citizen can move here if he finishes the study or finds a job;
  • American citizens residing in other European Union countries can easily move to Spain based on the visa issued by the countries concerned.

Regardless of your choice, our immigration attorneys in Spain can assist you with the transition process from the USA here. You can count on us for the main types of visas in case of immigration to Spain from the USA.

Immigration procedures to Spain

U.S. citizens are allowed to enter Spain and stay for up to 90 days for tourist or commercial purposes and will not need a visa during this period. For purposes of a long stay, the applicant will need to obtain a visa that will be renewed as needed. The long-stay visa must be for work, self-employment, or unprofitable (retirement) or the student.

United States citizens who live in the country for five years without interruption can apply for permanent residence and after ten years in Spain, they can apply for Spanish citizenship, if they wish.

A Spanish immigration lawyer can give you specific information about the documents required to apply for a long-term visa, which is the first step when deciding to come to Spain for immigration purposes. We can also assist with immigration procedures to Spain from the USA.

Immigration options to Spain

Immigration to Spain from the United States of America can also be achieved with a golden visa, which means that the individual pledges to make a real estate investment in Spain worth 500,000 euros. One of our immigration and visa agents can give you more information about this option.

Another option, this time targeting business people, is the investment visa. Certain conditions apply for this type of visa, especially the amount of investment that must be significant.

One of our agents can give you specific advice on these matters, such as the services provided by a team of immigration attorneys in Spain.

Steps of immigration from the United States of America to Spain

The steps for American citizens interested in immigration in Spain depend on the visa chosen. In most cases, the first step involves obtaining information about documents that must be submitted to the Spanish embassy in the United States. Then:

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  • The US citizen must submit the visa application with the required documents to the embassy;
  • The embassy will send the documents with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain;
  • Once the application is approved, the applicant will need to receive it within a specified period;
  • Once in Spain, the immigrant will need to inform the police station in the province in which he lives and apply for an NIE (foreign identity number) and a residence permit.

Our immigration attorneys can provide more information about the procedures for moving from the USA to Spain.

How to get an NIE number as a US citizen

One of the most important steps to immigrate to Spain, regardless of whether the applicant is from the United States or a citizen of another country, is to obtain an NIE number. This is a unique number intended for foreign citizens who have been looking to live in this country for more than 3 months, so when migrating to Spain, the NIE number is mandatory. The number is issued by the Aliens Office through the region’s police department, immigration plans for a living. The application must be submitted in person by the foreign citizen who requests it.

Information that must be provided when applying for an NIE number includes submitting data on the passport and choosing the Spanish province to move to.

U.S. citizens who immigrate to Spain will need NIEs for various activities and obtain official documents. Among these:

  • Opening bank accounts;
  • When entering into an employment contract;
  • When starting a business;
  • When acquiring a drug;
  • When registering for the National Health Insurance System;
  • When applying for a driver’s license;
  • When entering into various interest contracts;
  • When submitting tax returns.

If you need information about how to apply for an NIE number as a US citizen, our attorneys can advise you. It is also useful to know that we can help with various other services, such as resettlement. Feel free to ask for support in case of immigration to Spain from the USA.

Obtaining citizenship in Spain as an American citizen

US citizens immigrating to Spain are interested in obtaining citizenship, however, the time frame for this to happen depends on the way the foreign citizen is transferred here. For example, the maximum period for granting Spanish citizenship is 5 years, however, this period can be significantly reduced for a US citizen married to a Spanish citizen or for those with Hispanic ancestors.
United States citizens who move to Spain through a gold visa or other investment options will be granted permanent residence first. Good to know, in 2015, the Spanish government eased the requirements for non-EU citizens applying for gold visas.

If you have any questions about the requirements to move to Spain based on investment, our attorneys are at your disposal with detailed information and guidance. We can also help you with purchasing real estate that meets your golden visa requirements.

Timeframe for procedures when immigrating to Spain from the United States of America

Regardless of the visa one requires when immigrating to Spain, the following time frame must be observed:

  • Once the visa is issued by the Spanish embassy, ​​the applicant must receive it within a maximum period of 30 days;
  • After that, the American citizen has 90 days to enter Spain, regardless of the type of visa issued;
  • Within 30 days after arrival, the migrant needs to register at the local police station;
  • The initial residence visa must be renewed in one year.