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Employment opportunity in Luxembourg: Find out how to get a work visa for Luxembourg

If you are considering moving to Luxembourg, you may need to obtain a work visa first. Read this little guide on how to get a work visa for Luxembourg.

Do I need a work visa for Luxembourg?

Your priority should be to determine if you need a work permit. In some cases, depending on your nationality and the role you will play, a permit may not be necessary.

If you are a citizen of another European Union (EU) country, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Switzerland, you do not need a permit to live or work in France. Croatian citizens should also check the requirements of the process as it is currently under review as part of Croatia’s EU membership. Luxembourg companies have to prove that they have advertised their vacant job locally and have failed to find a suitable candidate if they wanted to employ a third-country national. Therefore, to obtain a work visa, you must also have a certificate from your employer, which certifies that he has met this requirement. The certificate is issued by the National Employment Administration and must be given to you by your employer.

What is the procedure for obtaining a work visa in Luxembourg?

To obtain a work visa in Luxembourg, you must submit your application yourself, although your employer generally helps you in this regard. If you prefer, you can ask your employer or another agency to submit the request on your behalf, but if you do, you will also need to give them a power of attorney using the forms provided by the immigration service.

Work visa for Luxembourg for part-time, fixed-term and seasonal workers

As a general rule, seasonal workers must apply for a work permit in Luxembourg in the same way as any other employee. The steps described above must still be followed.

Students registered full-time at the University of Luxembourg may be authorized to work within the framework of their student visa. This is however subject to the controls of the university as well as the immigration authorities. After obtaining a diploma from a Luxembourg university, you can stay working for two years, subject to a new approval. In this case, your work must be related to your subject of diploma.

If you are under 30 and want to come to Luxembourg as an au pair, you will need a specific visa. The process is pretty much the same as described above, but you will need to prove your ability to do regular household chores and your ability to speak the language of the host family (as well as English or any administrative languages ​​of the country). ).

If you are coming to Luxembourg for temporary work, it is worth checking out the full range of options available to you, as visa processes change all the time. For example, in 2016, the Australian government announced that Luxembourg would soon begin to offer a visa to Australians wishing to take working holidays there. This is not yet available at the time of the research but demonstrates the fluid nature of national visa agreements.

How to obtain a work visa for Luxembourg as an entrepreneur?

If you wish to work as a freelance in Luxembourg, you must apply in the same way as described above. Your request must be launched before going to Luxembourg, and when you request it, you will be asked to prove your ability to manage the business that you intend to open. In particular, you will be asked to show how your business will contribute to Luxembourg’s culture or economy, as well as to prove that you have the skills and resources necessary to create a valuable business.

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How could my work visa in Luxembourg affect my spouse and members of my family?

Holders of the European Blue Card can apply for visas on behalf of their family members without waiting time under the family reunification program.

If you have a regular visa to work in Luxembourg and you want a member of your family to join you, you must ask for documents before they arrived in the country, in the same way as you did for yourself. There is a twelve-month waiting period before you can apply, and you must have at least an additional twelve months on your visa. You must also demonstrate your ability to support and provide adequate housing for your family members. In this case, the employee is considered to be the sponsor of all the members of the family accompanied. Usually, the only family members who can apply will be a spouse and unmarried children under the age of 18.

However, there are sometimes exceptions to these rules. For example, there may not be a waiting period for a parent with sole custody to bring their child under the age of 18 into the country. Similarly, parents of older children who cannot reasonably support themselves (due to illness, for example) may also be allowed to join their families.

I have my work visa for Luxembourg – what next?

All newcomers to Luxembourg (including EU citizens planning to stay more than 90 days) must present themselves to their local municipality to complete an arrival declaration. This should be done within three working days of entering Luxembourg. You will need to bring your passport and proof of address in Luxembourg there.

If you are a third-country national, you will also need to take your temporary residence permit, which will ultimately be replaced by the long-stay visa once granted. Third-country nationals, in most cases, must undergo a clear medical examination (carried out by a local licensed doctor) and tuberculosis screening before their long-term residence permit is offered. This can be arranged once you have completed your arrival declaration.

Obtaining a visa can be an administrative headache, but once done, you can focus on the nicer aspects of planning for your new challenge.

How to transfer money to Luxembourg from my bank account abroad?

To get the most out of your money in Luxembourg, you need to open a Luxembourg bank account, which you can do before your arrival. Once you’ve sent money to Luxembourg, consider using a money conversion service like TransferWise to avoid unfair exchange rates. There are small transparent fees, and when your money is converted from one currency to another, you will get the real exchange rate – the same as you can find on Google. Not only that, but TransferWise receives and sends money by local rather than an international bank transfer, saving you more money by reducing international transfer fees.

If your trip is short or opening a bank account in Luxembourg is not an option, you can always withdraw money from your foreign account using a local ATM. Keep in mind that it will be more advantageous to agree to be invoiced in the local currency and not in your original currency.

No matter when you start your new job abroad, getting a visa should be fairly straightforward if you follow the right steps. The most important part is just making sure you enjoy your new adventure.