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Career guide – Here are 6 ways to help fight a competitive Employment Market

Just three months ago, candidates had a choice to work with them, sometimes even “ghosts” after accepting a job offer. There were more open roles than candidates available for employment, and the unemployment rate reached a record low for months.

Now, with the COVID-19 pandemic in our economy and social life disrupted, it can be hard to tell what will help, what won’t work, and what you can really control. It is disturbing to see a 14.7% unemployment rate and to hear about friends, family members, and neighbors who lose their jobs.

But real-time data is showing positive signs, as weekly job losses begin to decline and stability, and sectors such as construction, manufacturing, and retail are increasing jobs. Frontline response industries such as transportation and storage – support for massive retailers such as CVS, Amazon, and Home Depot – and non-critical health care sites are also in the lead as well. Go up.

While looking for a job in this competitive employment landscape, here are some tips for excellence and quickly finding your next role.

Improve and enhance transferable skills

If your industry is not much needed, select, and take advantage of skills that can translate into a new career. In some cases, the economic downturn provides an opportunity for further education and development. Spend some time taking online training courses to improve and strengthen your CV.

I am looking for part-time jobs and contracts

While long-term jobs and opportunities may be limited, look for work in areas of high demand that may be shorter in duration. This will allow you to improve or develop your skills while bringing your salary home.

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Ensure that your resume is competitive and up to date

CV development highlighting other skills and accomplishments is important for any job seeker. Use tools like artificial intelligence to create a customized resume. You will need to present your achievements in summary form and approved by ATS.

Use a work schedule

When you download and apply for positions on the job site, your CV can then be seen by thousands of companies looking to find candidates and build their talent pool. It will also allow you to discover the roles that best suit your skillset and interests as they become available.

Clean your social networks

It is important that you have nothing to discourage a hiring manager, such as tasteless content or complaints about a job or former boss. In the CareerBuilder study, we found that 70% of employers use social media to search for candidates, and among those who found 57% found content that prevented them from recruiting candidates. If used wisely, social media can help you stand out and show skills or interests that are incompatible with the CV, especially when 43% of employers say that social media content for candidates influenced their decision to employ them. Make sure your online presence is at the forefront.

Feed your network

Build and benefit from your relationships to make sure that you stand in front of the right people for open roles today. Companies often find new candidates through referrals, so job seekers should ask their networks if someone they know can introduce them to the relevant hiring managers.