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Career guide – Find out how to find a job and work in Slovenia

Job Overview

Are you an expatriate looking for jobs in Slovenia? Discover this fast-growing economy – the first in the Slavic countries – with great potential in the finance and services sectors. Continue to find out more about the economy, work permits, and social security in Slovenia.

Economic overview

Slovenia has the richest economy of all the Slavic countries and currently has a GDP per capita at 83% of the EU28 average. Despite the economic crisis of 2008, the Slovenian economy has remained strong in recent years and has served much better than some other European countries. This strong economy is based on trade with other European countries, including Germany, Italy, and France. It is estimated that around 66% of trade takes place with other EU members.

Slovenia’s other traditional industries are agriculture, fishing, and forestry, but these now account for only around 2.5% of the country’s GDP, with services and the financial industries accounting for around half of production. the country’s economy. However, organic farming is an area in which the traditional industry is developing. In the Alpe-Adria bioregion, organic farming now accounts for 3.3% of Slovenian agricultural production.

While Slovenia at one point resisted foreign investment in the local economy, it has now opened up to other countries, Croatia and the American company Goodyear having made significant investments in the past twenty years.

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Work permit for Slovenia

Since Slovenia is a full member of the EU, as an EU citizen, you will not need a permit to work in Slovenia. However, if you plan to stay for more than three months, you must apply for a residence permit, even if you are an EU citizen.

For those moving outside the EU, you will need to follow the work permit application process in order to legally work in Slovenia and also apply for a residence permit. You can start this process by contacting a Slovenian embassy or consulate, or by contacting the Slovenian Ministry of the Interior directly. In addition, your work permit will be granted on the condition of your employer, but if he wishes to earn you as an employee, this should not be a problem.