Canada Immigration – Young Farmer Investment Stream Program for Immigrants

Canadian immigration programs are designed to meet the diverse needs of immigrants. Whatever your profession or expectations, you will find the immigration program that works for you and that suits you. The commercial component of the Canadian Regional Nomination Program is divided into the Regional Business Nomination Program and the Small Farmers Nomination Program.

PNP Business allows the Canadian province to recruit and hire qualified businessmen from all over the world with the ability and intent to move to Canada to establish a company, become partners, or purchase a business. On the other hand, the investment component allows young farmers to candidates interested in starting a farm or purchasing a farm in the province of Canada to do so even without meeting the qualifications of the PNP component to operate.

Who is eligible?

Like any other program, not all small farmers are eligible for this immigration program. To be eligible, you must:

Have a personal minimum of 150,000 Canadian dollars

Make the minimum equity investment of $ 150,000 Canadian

You are less than 40 years old if you are the main applicant

Demonstrate at least 3 years of experience in the field of agricultural property or agricultural management, moreover

Have marketable skills to supplement agricultural income; This could be for the main applicant or the spouse

An exploratory visit to Canada to explore opportunities for agriculture and quality of life there; This visit lasts at least seven days

Make a qualified commercial investment in the governorate

That there be dependents who wish to reside in the governorate

Prepare to deposit Canadian $ 75,000 in good faith with the province once the appointment is approved; This amount can be refunded without interest once the company invests in the order

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Prove that farm income and additional income outside the farm will save more than CAD 35,000 a year after taxes

Self-employed farmer stream

This component is designed for farmers and owners who have demonstrated their management skills and financial resources to establish a sustainable agricultural business in Canada. Applicants must demonstrate previous management experience with existing agricultural companies, and provide documentation proving training, education and practical experience related to developing agribusiness in the required province in Canada. They should also have a proposed business plan to operate and provide evidence of financial investment from a Canadian financial institution for the proposed farm business. A $ 500,000 investment in capital is also required and the applicant must demonstrate that he can invest more than this amount.

Who is not eligible?

If you are still wondering if you are eligible for the Independent Farmers component, here are details for applicants who are not eligible for the immigration program.

Asylum seekers who participate in the federal removal or appeal process because the young farmer program the service provider is not authorized to interfere with the federal asylum, removal or appeal process.

Unqualified caregivers are also not eligible for the program even if they currently live in Canada

Temporary foreign workers residing or working in different provinces of the country

Foreign students in Canada to study and those trainees or collaborators in their study programs.

The investment component provides young farmers with an excellent opportunity for farmers who want to spread their wings and test prospects in Canada. Get more details and try your luck today.