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Are you coming to Canada? Heed CIC’s advice to immigrants to Canada

Migration to another country can be one of the biggest challenges you will face in your life. You will deal with a different culture, people, environment and laws/rules. The adjustment can be difficult for you at first. But in the long run, everything will be fine.

In today’s economy, parents are forced to make tough decisions about the future of their family. The number of people who lose their jobs, work hours, part-time work or who suffer from wage cuts is increasing. With more and more jobs lost, unemployment benefits have become an increasingly important source of income, especially for low-income families. Many decide to work in other countries to support the family.

Finding a job is also one of the first things you’ll do when you live in Maple Country. This provides many opportunities. Either leave your family or take them with you. It takes a long process to get a Canadian visa. But what do you need to be able to work in this beautiful country?

According to CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada), there will be requirements for immigrants who want to apply for a job in Canada.

First of all, you must have language skills in English or French.

Language is the first obstacle to applying for a job. There are studies conducted by CIC about employment in Canada that show that most immigrants who cannot speak the primary Canadian language have difficulty finding a job. Although the language requirements for the job you apply for may be different, it is still essential that you have language skills.

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You can take a standardized international language assessment and test depending on the type of profession you are applying for. CIC advises immigrants who have arrived in Canada to ensure they are well prepared and to improve their language skills. There are many language courses available online. You can register to study and improve your language skills. Remember that excellent communication is one of the keys to finding an excellent job in the country.

Second, your foreign credentials must be evaluated.

There are cases in which some employers do not recognize the training or work experience you have gained in your country or another country. You may need to go through the verification process to prove that you have achieved the same level you are looking for when it comes to education or work experience. It may cost you money, but it is worth knowing your credentials.

Third, employers must have work experience.

You may consider working in another job or volunteering to gain experience. More importantly, the Canadian Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration provides immigrants to Canada with information about job opportunities aimed at helping them to improve their quality of life, make them financially self-sufficient, and enable them to meet the basic needs of their families.